Niwot Inn & Spa
a booking site

The landmark inn & spa nestled in small-town Niwot - just minutes from Boulder - needed a new website. They chose Olokoo Q2M to renovate their marketing and booking site. The Niwot Inn & Spa was running on an outdated version of WordPress, heavily bloated with plugins and extensions that were weighing page load speeds down.

Utilizing Olokoo Q2M, we were able to build out a brand new, mobile first, experience for their customers that boasted 19x faster performance and a 100 Google PageSpeed Insights score.


We knew we wanted to build a modern, high-performance, infinitely scalable website. To accomplish this, we utilized Olokoo Q2M. The final site scores an incredible 100 on Google's PageSpeed Insights. How impressive is that? Google only scores a 72 in their own tool.*

Pagespeed 100 Score

*PageSpeed Insights scores vary based on server load, location, and other factors. Your results may vary.


We worked closely with the owners of the Niwot Inn to create a modern design that still represented the rustic nature of the beautiful Inn & Spa.

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